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Our features

Why Tax Masters?

Truthfulness and honesty

We ensure that all our activities are based on truthfulness and honesty in both the presentation of problems and the solution alternatives, we are fully convinced that the customer has the right to know the facts of their file in accordance with the policies and principles of the established profession.

Total confidence

The relationship between the office and the client must be based on full trust that should not be shaken with the days or even after the end of the customer’s relationship with the office.

Dear customer, 

You must know that all your suggestions or complaints are taken seriously and researched, and a decision is taken on it 24 hours in advance and you will be informed of the result.

Speed and accuracy

In our current world, we are dealing with rapid and sequential variables that show the importance of information at the right time and in the right way so that the administrative decision is sound based on accurate information. This is the goal of any successful management, which we are trying to provide through a number of business data, which represents the Office’s goal of achieving all services with a balanced speed and accuracy.

Our services

What do we offer

Insurance and human resources

Through our highly trained individuals and specialized agencies, we provide state-of-art insurance services through major insurance companies to satisfy our client’s needs. Using the information received from clients or through market studies, we choose the appropriate insurance programs to meet the emerging needs of insurance coverages today

Insurance and human resources

Accounting and auditing

We prepare specially tailored accounting systems based on the nature of business for your facility to achieve efficiency and protect it from the dangers of fraud, errors, deviation from procedures, and violation of the established policies, in addition to completing the accounting registration following the generally accepted accounting rules and covering the accounting system for all aspects of the company’s business.

Accounting and auditing work

Tax consulting

We provide advisory service to our clients on the process of preparing the tax declaration forms in the best possible way, which enables the most benefit from the Egyptian tax laws, to reduce the taxes that must be paid to the maximum extent possible. We also represent the client before the tax authority in any tax disputes that arise in various types of taxes.

Tax consulting
Tax Masters

Your best tax advisor

Our mission is to provide the latest accounting, auditing, and tax advisory services that exceed the aspirations and expectations of clients and increase the share of our office in the market, by providing the highest level of service to clients by attracting and maintaining the best minds, as well as strengthening the ethics of the profession and cultivating value for our customers, workers, and our societies.

The Tax Masters Corporation includes legal accountants and consultants, an elite group of auditing, accounting and tax experts, professionals in various financial, accounting, tax and legal fields, experts in feasibility studies and financial analysis, and experts in local and international commercial arbitration. This facilitates with him the performance and the implementation of the business and professional tasks professionally. With experience and outstanding performance aimed at customer satisfaction

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