Why Tax Masters?

We are not only an accounting, financial, and tax consulting office.

We are one of the professional institutions specialized in accounting, auditing, money management, and human resource development in Egypt.

Tax Masters Corporation chartered accountants and consultants

– Hany Mohamed Abdel Wahab.

We provide a lot of services in the field of finance, accounting, taxes, company establishment, economic feasibility studies, commercial arbitration, investment dispute resolution, as well as human resource development through our specialized departments.

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The Tax Masters Corporation includes legal accountants and consultants, an elite group of auditing, accounting and tax experts, professionals in various financial, accounting, tax and legal fields, experts in feasibility studies, financial analysis, and experts on local and international commercial arbitration, which facilitates the implementation of business and professional tasks with professionalism, experience and outstanding performance aimed at satisfying the client.

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Know More About Tax Masters

We are keen to provide all advice with the utmost diligence and presence to help our client achieve success and efficiency because that is a success for us as well.

Total confidentiality

Dear customer, you must know that all your data, information, and activity documents are classified with us (strictly confidential) and no one has the right to view them without your knowledge and with your consent, and you should also know that the process of receiving and delivering your documents is subjected to several procedures that must be followed to activate this important principle.

Truthfulness and honesty

We are keen to ensure that all our transactions are based on honesty and integrity, whether in presenting problems or alternative solutions. We are fully convinced that the client has the right to know the facts of his file following the principles of the profession.

We are partners

This principle is that we are not only an accounting and financial and tax consultancy office, but we are partners with our client in his activity.

We are keen to provide all advice in all areas (at no cost) to help our client achieve success because by doing so, we have succeeded as well.


It is one of the most important principles on which the office’s operating cycle is based. We do not compromise our clients ’rights, nor can we in any way neglect it, disregarding any material or moral gains, regardless of the entity that deals with

Full confidence

The relationship between the office and the client must be based on complete trust that should not be affected by days, not even after the end of the client’s relationship with the office, and you must know, dear customer, that all your suggestions or complaints are taken seriously, researched and decided 24 hours in advance and you will be informed of the result.

Speed and accuracy

In our current time, we are dealing with rapid and successive variables in which the importance of information appears in the appropriate time and manner so that the administrative decision is sound based on accurate information, which is the goal pursued by any successful administration, which is what we try to provide through several work data that represent the goal of the office to achieve all services with balanced speed and accuracy.


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